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The Gyrokinesis methodology is a moving yoga system that tones and invigorates the body by initiating movement from the spine. Joints are opened and muscles are stretched and strengthened through rhythmic, circular exercises. Gyrokinesis training stimulates the body's internal organs, and energy is circulated and balanced throughout the entire body. The system incorporates movements and principles from Chi Gong, yoga, dance, and swimming. Breathing patterns are integrated with every movement, supporting vitality and coordination. Gyrokinesis movement takes its cues from the body's natural rotational movement. Designed to exercise the entire spine - the foundation for all movement (and many believe, of health) - this total body workout restores strength and fluidity to muscles and joints, and facilitates release. Its fully rotational exercises build core and lean muscle strength while nourishing the body with focused breathwork, which is one reason its original name, in 1977, was Yoga for Dancers.

Movement principles

The Gyrokinesis methodology is based on seven different movement principles: bending forward, extending backward, side bending right and left, rotating right and left, and circular. During a ninety-minute class, these movements are harmoniously paired with breathing patterns and organized into a flowing workout that resembles a choreographed dance. In the end, Gyrokinesis movement trains the mind and body to move gracefully. The training integrates all muscle groups resulting equally in length, power, and flexibility.


Classes begin on low stools. Guided self-massage on acupressure points aids relaxation, and coordinated breathing exercises awaken the body. Once relaxed, you are eased into action with a series of undulating movements that involve arching and curling the spine before progressing into deeper twisting and spiraling gestures, such as overhead arm circles and shifting the upper body side to side like drifts of seaweed in the tide. This initial focus on the spine and pelvis massages tension form hips, knees, and related musculature, opening the pathways to increased mobility, blood flow, and oxygenation.


The remainder of the class, done in floor and standing positions, is geared towards being centered; for relieving tension; for sculpting core, arm, and shoulder muscles; and for elevating body temperature for cardiovascular benefit through a series of strength and flexibility exercises targeting the legs, abs, back, and neck. No postures are held for long in order to maintain the fluidity that is at the heart and soul of this dynamic system.